About Us

We run our own networks of blogs & websites, and we know what it takes to boost search engine rankings. The foundation of your website- the hosting- must be right in order to achieve success.

If you're new to the world of SEO hosting, please read our article: "Why choose SEO Hosting over old-fashioned hosting providers?". We detail why your websites should be hosted with us.

Why Choose Us

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    30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    We're here to help you, and we're so confident that we WILL help you and your websites that we offer you a NO NONSENSE 30 days money back guarantee. It does what it says it will: if you are not satisfied with our service at any point within your first 30 days, we will hand you your money back. Buy from us with confidence. We're the good guys!

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    No Overselling, Our Prices are Realistic
    Overselling is a problem in the hosting industry. It's the practice of cramming too many websites onto one machine. We don't do this. We use a propriatary system which carefully monitors and calculates the workload of our network of machines and reports when a server is 80% capacity. Our system then switches installing new accounts on a brand new empty machine. The result? Your websites load quickly and cleanly all the time. Our prices are LOW! Click for a SEO Hosting price comparison.


Management Team

  • Jon Wynne

    Jon is our general manager. Jon is also a senior systems admin. He keeps our customers happy because our network is secure, fast and reliable.

  • Shaun Jones

    Shaun is our customer care manager and on hand every day to ensure our technicians and sales staff are always serving our customers in the best way possible. Shaun is the man to ask for if you have any concerns over your account or experience.

  • Victoria Mason

    Victoria is our sales and billing head. It's her job to make us more money, but in reality she spends most of her time working out ways to help YOU save! Great deals are available - just ask for Victoria.


How we collect these comments

Great service, the servers are super fast and our marketing department are delighted with the results.

Bob Hurley

You offer a good range of products at a very affordable price. We found the professional package just right for our needs.

Geoff Wannaker

The Network

The bottom line: Our network is fast, reliable, spam free, clean and among the best in the world
We have been doing hosting for over a decade!

Our network operations center monitors network connections and individual nodes every second of the day to ensure any problems are dealt with swiftly and cleanly. Our primary backbone is Level3

If you would like an IP to ping or test, please write to our helpdesk from the "contact us" menu option. We don't sell our services based on gimmicks, fashionable marketing techniques or misleading information. We have all possible redundancy options available for any size of website or network. We have multiple networks on standby so that when the primary network has services issues a secondary network switches into action to ensure no downtime. Very few datacenters in the world are Tier 4, but we operate a network in one such datacenter which is a cross network with two others in Tier 3 centers. All networks operate under entirely different power grids.

We have two Cisco 6509s with 10G uplinks running at our primary network core. The 6509s are fully redundant with iBGP and HSRP. Either can handle the entire load of the network individually. Our fiber optic (1000MBits/s) connections hook into the worlds top telecommunications companies. These multi GigE hookups allow for the highest possible bandwidth requirements imaginable today. We have multiple public and private peering agreements with over 400 ISPs just like us across the world. We have 4 main providers that support one another and our network in such a way that the only way our network can fail is if all 5 networks fail at the same time (which would take more than half the world wide web offline!)